About Dragon Fine Arts’ Projects


Rodin at Bella Luce

Dragon Fine Arts—in association with Twenty 21 Collections/Gallery Rodin, and Jimmy Franks' Bella Luce—presents an exquisite collection of limited edition posthumous original bronzes by Auguste Rodin. This collection offers the private collector a rare opportunity of ownership of this great master’s art. Twenty four acclaimed artists and sculptors were included in this exhibition and sale.

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Vanderbilt Art Diversity

Dragon Fine Arts worked with Vanderbilt University to procure and diversify its art collection displayed throughout the campus. Fifty new works of art were placed. During that time, Dragon Fine Arts also produced an exhibition of artist Charly Palmer’s works, at the Bishop Johnson Black Cultural Center.

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Gordon Jewish Community Center

The mission of the renowned Gordon Jewish Community Center in Nashville is to bring programs and services based on Jewish values and steeped in Jewish traditions. Dragon Fine Arts produced an exhibition to complement this mission. Works displayed were by the visual historian and painter Charly Palmer, depicting the African-American struggle and the Jewish Holocaust.

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