Clint Herring’s Artist Statement


Clint Herring is a watercolorist whose work has been featured in many well-known galleries across the United States. Herring grew up in rural Alabama, and studied art at Auburn University. A full-time professional artist, Herring works out of his personal studio in Auburn, Alabama.

Herring’s work provides a detailed look into the Black Belt region of the southeastern United States, an area named for its rich, dark soil that has fostered and grown generations of painters, crafters and other artists. His watercolors capture the simple beauty of historic buildings, cultural items and grass-roots people raised in the South. His realism in watercolor is remarkable, and yet he never loses the painterly effects. The simplicity is breathtaking due to Herring’s use of shadows, light, colors and details – each piece radiates life and raw emotion.

Inspiration flows from various sources, including fellow artists Andrew Wyeth and John Singer Sargent, and Herring’s own spirituality, family and upbringing. Herring grew up barefoot and full of life, and draws parallels between himself and subjects, which are often young children. Time spent in the Bahamas also brought nostalgia for his heritage, and he channels this longing into his masterful Bahamian pieces. New works include the Ballerina series and The Delta Blues.